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About Us


The Rafael Masó is a non-profit public foundation created in 2006 after the transfer of Casa Masó to Girona City Council from its last owners, the architect's nephew and niece, Narcís-Jordi Aragó Masó and Mercè Huerta Busquets.

As well as managing the conservation of the house and the Casa Masó tours, the Foundation promotes the study, conservation and dissemination of Masó's work as well as that of Catalan Noucentisme, and it aims to raise awareness about the importance of architecture and city planning for society and people. For this reason, it organises exhibitions, publications and educational activities for all people of all ages and backgrounds.

The Foundation's Statutes state that its specific purposes are:

  • To establish an information centre to be able to undertake and carry out the functions planned in the mission statement.
  • To promote a research hub which encourages collaboration among specialists in various fields of knowledge in order to support the exchange and dissemination of contemporary knowledge.
  • To promote the dissemination of studies of any kind related to architecture and contemporary urbanism.
  • To advise on work carried out for the preservation and restoration of any buildings and constructions which were designed by Rafael Masó.
  • To catalogue, promote and disseminate internationally the entire architectural, artistic and cultural work of Rafael Masó.
  • To use any of the property and belongings of the Foundation's centre that it deems appropriate for public exhibition.
  • To encourage research on the works of Rafael Masó, his contemporaries and on the social and cultural characteristics of his time.
  • To promote the recovery and study of applied arts.